Changing Your Password

In order to access your GroupWise mailbox from WebAccess, your mailbox must have a password. Your GroupWise administrator might have assigned the password when he or she set up your GroupWise account. If you have access to the GroupWise Windows client, you can set your initial mailbox password yourself, as described in Assigning a Password to Your Mailbox in Getting Started in the GroupWise 18 Client User Guide.

To change your mailbox password in WebAccess:

  1. Click the Options icon, then click Options.

    Click the Password tab.

  2. Type your old password, then type your new password twice for confirmation.

  3. Click Save, then click Close.

Depending on the security level that your GroupWise administrator has established for your post office, you might need to know more about passwords. For more information, see Managing Mailbox Passwords.

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